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Website design

We are good at website design and programming especially in e-Commerce website.

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Mobile Apps

We build mobile and tablet apps for you on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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System intergration

We do Software system integration for your website, ERP/accounting and Warehouse software.

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If you have 10 domain names and you want them to show same website content but with different urls, traditionally you have two ways to do it.

  1. Create one website host it at somewhere then point other domain names to the website by using forward with mask. This is a cheaper and efficient way but some website features will not work because it use a iframe.
  2. Create one website and copy it to 10 hosting servers. This is easy way but it will cost too much for hosting and will cost more for maintenance.


YOUYA have just launched a new project for our customer Dependable Couriers. The company is an Australian-owned, family run business and began operations in 1981 with one truck, growing to a fleet of over 60 vehicles and 3 depots in 2013. They have 15 domain names, some of them are very popular such as:

Previously they have 3 old websites and hosted on different servers. We created a new mobile friendly website and hosted it on Microsoft cloud – Azure. Azure supports multi domain name hosting so we can create one website and can have more websites at once. This new project also has multi themes which allow different websites show different layouts and colours.


People can use either one of their 15 domain names to visit the website and make quick quotes and make online orders. All orders will go to the same backend logistics system. This project let this company can have multi entry points from internet with only one website. It is also easy to maintenance and save the hosting cost at same time.

Is it sounds interesting? Try it yourself by visiting above domain names.

IT consulting can save your money and time on your IT projects. We will come to your organization and evaluate your current websites, software systems and databases, providing you with a written report that contains suggestions for potential work efficiency and data security improvements.

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